Castrum Peregrini Amsterdam

Photos by: Castrum Peregrini and Valentijn Kerstens

Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam 29-31 august 2014

During the Uitmarkt 2014 an exposition was held at Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam. This exhibition contained models from both famous and unfamous hiding places as well as a number of models of  characteristic Jewish cultural buildings in Amsterdam. Mapped and explained by students of Unit Architectural Design and Engineering, AUDE, Eindhoven University of Technology.

The exhibition was opened with a panel discussion about the theme with:
Bianca Stigter, historicus en journalist,
Esther Captain, Researcher at the University Utrecht and national comité 4 and 5 may.
Bettine Siertsema, Teacher philosophy at VU Amsterdam,
Esther Agricola, Director department Monuments and Archaeology, Amsterdam,
Hüsnü Yegenoglu, Teacher at de Technische University Eindhoven,
Discussion-leader:Tracy Metz, journalist en host of


More information about Castrum Peregrini can be found here.
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